Tuesday, 22 June 2010

swap info for partners

About Pops - for swap partners!

Hi there, i’m pops, i’m 32 and married with two little boys ( 11 and 6) my husband is great, he totally ‘gets’ my crafting. I have one pusscat who is a rescue and does not like other cats, or catnip sadly! DH works from home and i'm a teaching assistant down the road so we get a lot of time together which is lovely.

I’m very spiritual and emotional, not terribly practical and certainly not logical, so i need lists to keep everything hunky dory! I like to write my feelings in journals (not the arty kind, the messy hurried kind, which include grocery lists and doodles of my next project!) i love the supernatural, spiritual nature of the world – the earth, plants, animals and creatures. The elements and sensations – music and movement. I’m sure i am a hippy girl born too late! I am a Christian, and my faith motivates me to be a kinder, more gracious person than i ever thought possible for me ( i used to be a bit of a cow!)

This enthusiasm and appreciation of the world is reflected in my love of colours, i love natural tones – chocolate and biscuit browns, pale pearly cream, sage and olive greens, copper and bronze, soft and warm autumnal colours. Also rich purple and hot summery red and orange, turquoise and teal. i’m not keen on pink, or pastels and definitely don’t like neons!

I find crafting very therapeutic – i have taught myself largely due to the cost of workshops. I have also searched out friends of friends (and my mother) for free lessons! I enjoy sewing very much and i like to crochet (i am beginning to learn knitting) i love embroidery and am a freestyler. I am currently meddling about in the learner end of MP soapmaking and collage/paper art – i’m enjoying getting into into altered art too, i adore the vintage/Victoriana style, diluted steampunk i guess! I love the cluttered eclectic, muted, faded style of it.

I'm currently playing with the idea of going back to uni to study mixed media art and design - with a long term view to being a teacher/running workshops for adults. So i'm building up a portfolio of work that really expresses my heart. I'd love anything like blank sketchbooks or journals or cases to carry around pencils in my bag so i can record what's around me!

I am a sleeper – i love to sleep and cosy up. I cannot have too many sleep masks, heat packs, blankets, shawls, afghans and pillows. I also enjoy being a girly girl (having two sons and a husband to share a bathroom with) so i appreciate bath & beauty time very much. I believe in looking after yourself being key to looking and feeling your best, so i make time for treating my skin and hair.

As regards wearables, i am a pear shaped uk size 14/16, 5’5” and 182 lbs (42"-40"-45") i adore accessories! Bangles and short beaded/long chain or ribbon necklaces, rings, anklets, big dangly/hoop earrings (pierced) fabric cuffs and wrist warmers, scarves, hats and headbands, hairclips, hair ribbons and brooches, truly anything goes!

I've recently taken up bellydance which is incredible fun and makes me feel so feminine and powerful, i am enjoying it hugely! i also like to spend a lot of time in meditation, so i use a lot of candles, sand trays, labyrinths and incense, and journals for jotting down visions and phrases that come to mind.

I adore swapping and in the time that i have been swapping (since summer '09) i have found that the joy of receiveing is more than equalled by the joy of creating, so i do hope you will enjoy what you make, and i'm sure the joy will show in your creation!
if you have any questions for me please pm me through craftster :D

Thankyou for reading, i hope you now have a pretty picture of me and that it will be helpful <3

xx pops xx